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Welcome to SkullTroops!

We are a team of day-dreamers who is absolutely dedicated to creating the most diverse and unique selection of high quality skull themed gear in the world.

We love skulls and we have made our love for skulls a reality: with SkullTroops we have built a space, a world, a community for you. Here you can find what represents you, what triggers your passion, what makes you feel happy, unique, resilient and awesome.

We convey a message, your message, your passion. We are the gear you need for that extra kick, for that mood uplift. We are what you need to celebrate a win, to power up to face losses, to turn the pain into power, to chill and be happy.

We take massive pride in imagining and designing each and every of our items. Everything we offer you is our own unique artistic creation.  A true piece of our own work that is not only of consistent originality and top quality but also of sole presence, energy, beauty and appeal.

And we do that only with our skull passion at hand, thinking how you need to feel and why it will always be a skull what makes you feel your very best. We have you in mind because we know what skulls trigger.

We want our creations to be part of your life. And we sacrifice it all to give you the most competitive prices for the truly exceptional quality and selection offered.

Because we are in complete control of what we design and sell, we can offer you unlimited innovation and endless originality. So if you are up for unique items, just get in touch and let us know what you need. Our team of artists will customize your products and make them as unique as only you can be. We sell directly to our customers and also to resellers and manufacturers.

In the coming weeks you will see a wide-ranging selection of new items offered. We are building our world for you and we count on you joining us for the ride. Stay with us, we will not disappoint you.

From all of us at SkullTroops, we thank you enormously from the bottom of our hearts for supporting us.

You love skulls. Us too. Enough said, let us take you skull hunting now!

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